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Avatar Maker!

Post by Carian on Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:07 pm

Okay, this might be a little cheeky of me. I'm going to offer making you avatars. Cartoon only. It's cheeky because you could make them yourselves. If you like, I could give you the links to the sites I make them on, but it's more fun if someone else does them

Want name on:
Full body or close up:
Girl or boy:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Eye Color:
What for? (Indian, Mermaid i.e):
Skin Color:(white,tan,ect.)
Clothes:(dress, shirt and shorts, ect.)
Number between 1-8:

I need to know what site it's for so I know how to make your avatar. For instance, if your a fairy on a site I need to know so I can give you wings!

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