Twighlight wolves

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Twighlight wolves

Post by Lupa on Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:51 pm

This is my site along with the Robin hood and maid marian one advertized by Liilianna. anyway, this sites summery is this....

Humans had begun to split, no more big countrys, arguments had devided them, humans had begun to die, because they had wars, killing off the majority. Now most are at peace simply because they dont want the human race to die off. Surprisingly another group has grown. Wolves. Dogs were released and ran into nature, most went back to their roots, making a hybrid wolf. Some started their own comunities, but those are rare. The wolf packs and human clans never nessisarally made a peace pact and often have small battles, but could there be a war ahead? click here if you want to visit it!

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