Current Mythworld Plot

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Current Mythworld Plot

Post by Carian on Sat Apr 10, 2010 2:06 pm


Carian had just arrived at a strange island which she'd dubbed, Mythworld. A few people had arrived with her, and they were mostly adults. They taught her how to hunt, how to fend for herself. But some killed themselves out of madness. They couldn't cope with being a magical creature. They just weren't kids, they didn't have enough imagination or hope inside them. Others fought amongst themselves, killing eachother off. And the rest? The rest were eaten by other inhabitants of Mythworld. Evil, savage, brainless monsters.

They left Carian all alone.

It is now 2010. Finally, the Pilot was safe. Carian had given up trying to fight him. This is the year the Pilot decided it was safe enough to bring more people to the island. Plane after plane, and why? No one knows. Not even Carian who is now the leader of Mythworld and the wisest twelve year old in existence. It looked like a normal camp. A normal summer camp where kids were sent by their parents. But it wasn't. Mythworld wasn't what it looked like at all. It was hard living, there were more and more people dying and going over to the bad side. Sometimes both. It's a hard life, but everyone tries to pull through. For now, all they can do is work togethor to make Mythworld more enjoyable and good enough to live in. Everyone united in working for the good of the island. Everyone trying to bring Bad People into the Good Side, trying to stop the deaths and the battles.

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