Arriving at camp

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Arriving at camp

Post by Luke on Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:53 am

Luke trotted into camp, still in unicorn form with Carian on his back. He hadn't liked the saddle much, so he had been glad when Carian got rid of it seconds after making it appear.

He waited for Carian to get off his back, then shifted back into his human form. He looked around the campsite, where there were some cabins, an amphitheater, an arena, something that looked like an armoury, some benches, and then.... Lukes eyes nearly popped out of his head as he saw the most beautiful sight he had seen since he had come to the island.

A library! Luke missed his books. That library was definitely next stop, after he'd been to his cabin and claimed his bit.

Yup, another annoying thing about been a shapeshifter. You were sometimes extrememly territorial, as Luke had found while he had been in the rainforest and anything had come past the boundaries that, in his mind, he had set as his home for while he was there. Anything that came past them when Luke was in the territorial mood hadn't come to a pretty end.

"So... this is camp then, eh?" He said to Carian, who still seemed tired, but looked a bit better after the rest given to her while she had been riding him. Luke shuddered at the memory. Maybe he would let her occasionally ride him, but he wasn't going to make a habit of it. He was a shapeshifter, not a mode of transport!
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Re: Arriving at camp

Post by Carian on Mon Apr 05, 2010 8:08 am

"Yup," she said proudly, looking around at her creation. No one else's, Carian had made Mythworld a place where you could not only live, but you could live happily too.

"You going to stay then? I hear we have another Shapeshifter. You could teach her if you like." she said with a smile, her hair still blonde.
"You don't have to. Just something to do. And you seemed to have picked it up so quickly. She doesn't even know what she is yet. Liianna is the Greeter today, they're still at the Plane Site with another fairy." she added. Carian was very bad at explaining things.

She noticed Luke (now in human form) looking mostly at the Library.
"Oh, there aren't many books there. I've written a few about the island, spells, fighting, even the people. There aren't many books from the real world around though. Five I think, maybe there'd be more if people took books on holiday..." she trailed off.
"So, you can study up there. Meditation, self control." she said pointedly, looking at Luke.

If there was one thing a Shapeshifter needed, it was self-control. Otherwise, the primal, animal instincts in them would come out and take over. As Luke had demonstrated at the Plane Site.

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