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Home at last

Post by Kree on Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:33 pm

Kree walked to the volcano. He stared up at what would be his new home. He lookede around at the ruble around him. Wondering what had been here, he started to walk along the the edge to find a way up. Along the way he looked at his shoes. His vans were only still on his feet to hide his his his hooves.

After a few hours later he was maybe a fourth of the way up. He looked at the blazing sun high in the sky, though his sunglasses. He finnaly sat down and ripped his shoes off, and threw them off the side. Getting back up, he walked on. The sound of hooves treading on rock was the only sound heaad by Kree.

He found what he was looking for. A open field down below. He set off, with quickend sences he jumped. His hooves hit the earth and he slid down. Like a snowboreder with no bored. He jumped from paths stones and suck. He hit the bottom with minor scrapes and brusies.

When he got to the feild he smiled. This was his new home. He set to word. He took his newly sharpened sword and cut down a tree. With that tree he rolled it to the center of the field. Now it was around dusk. He smiled, this was a adventure he was going to live.

It was days later, when he finshed it. He had built a hut. Out of his torn tent, and cut down trees. It had been hell. Now it was done he walked into the hut. It was pretty big, he walked in. He steped in and was gone to dream land in seconds. There was no way in hell he was going to work that hard again...... EVER!!!!
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